Another Level 2.7

Desktop gadget that shows an analog clock, a processor workload meter, a memory workload meter and a hard disk usage meter (it is possible to hide any of the meters)

Its configuration allows you to choose the waiting time between each test, and it will also warn you if the workload of any of the meters reaches a customizable percentage, playing an audible warning (a digital voice).

It also has a built-in simplified version of the Windows Task Scheduler, which allows you to display sound messages (as an alarm) or open programs at a specific date and time.

The program launches automatically when you start Windows (optional), always in the position where you have located it. You can also customize the size and even colors of all meters (backgrounds, hour hand, etc.).


System: Windows 7 / 8 / 10  * It should also work in XP and Vista, although it has not been tested.
Languages: Catalan, English, French, Greek, Italian and Spanish.    Do you want to translate Another Level?
License: Free.
Weight: 4.62 MB.
Requirement: It is essential to have Flash Player, installed, because the graphic interface has been developed using this technology.